We Need Comprehensive Transportation Funding in 2015

On May 13, Stand Up for Transportation will be joining forces with National Infrastructure Week for the Rally to Rebuild America.

This year, we’ve been building momentum to win long-term federal funding for public transportation. Short-term fixes cannot carry our nation forward. It is unacceptable for Congress to continue kicking the can down the road and leave our communities without consistent transportation funding.

So far this year, we’ve held two large-scale national events that created waves on Capitol Hill:

  • National Stand Up 4 Transportation Day—On April 9, transportation advocates around the nation held more than 150 local events to call attention to the need for long-term transportation funding. In addition, our online “Thunderclap” brought our message to more than 915,000 people, and we sent more than 11,500 emails to members of Congress.
  • The Rally to Rebuild America—On May 13, as U.S. mayors visited Capitol Hill to press for transportation funding, Voices for Public Transit supported their message by holding an online rally to drum up support nationwide. Altogether, we sent more than 11,000 emails and reached more than 300,000 people on Facebook.

Congress once again passed a short-term extension for transportation funding—this time for just two months, until July 31. Keeping our transportation network going is crucial, but life-support funding is not enough. We need a real long-term solution. Help us keep the pressure on Congress by:

Short-term, inconsistent funding prevents America from making crucial improvements to public transportation, puts our safety and mobility at risk on our roads, bridges, and rail systems, and costs taxpayers more in the long run. Tell Congress they must pass long-term, comprehensive transportation funding this year.

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Congress, we ask you to provide the long-term investment in our nation’s transportation infrastructure that will keep America moving forward.

A strong, modern transportation system is vital to:

  • Our economy
  • Our local communities
  • Our environment
  • Our safety
  • America's continued mobility

America’s transportation network should work better for all of us and all the ways we use it and rely on it every day.

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